Educational Leadership Harbour Centre Cohort

Research Interests/Theses/Defense information

Edith Kirkpatrick

From government department to Independent, business-focused, not-for-profit corporation: The experience of leading through transition in the creation of the British Columbia Safety Authority.
Defended: Aug. 16, 2012.

Heidi Hansen

An urban organization's approach to aboriginal child welfare practice.
Defended: Apr. 23, 2012.


Rod Paynter
Evaluation of a Saskatchewan NewStart life skills-based coach training program
Defended: Sept. 20, 2011.
John Morrison

Student understandings of learning at the end of an undergraduate program using networked learning: A case study
Defended: Aug. 13, 2010

Cheryl Jeffs

Scholarly Activity in BC's Community Colleges: Senior Administrators' Perspectives
Defended Nov. 24, 2009

Nym Hughes
It unfolded quite wonderfully: A history of the certificate in conflict resolution at the Justice Institute of British Columbia 1983-1993.
Defended April 29, 2009.
Pat Hibbits

We do this for the next child: A mother's phenomenological audo narrative inquiry into experiencing her children's schools.
Defended March 25, 2009.

Armin Samei

The concerns of elementary educators with the diffusion of information and communication technology in schools
Defended August 27, 2008.

Tom Nerini

Learning from the shadows: An exploration of the impact of Washington State's instate tuition policy on undocumented immigrant students and institutes of higher education.
Defended: April 3, 2008

Lynne MacFadgen

Mature students in the persistence puzzle: An exploration of the factors that contribute to adult learners' quality of life and retention in post-secondary education.
Defended: Dec. 13, 2007

Terry Waterhouse

Giving voice: Exploring the school-based care experiences of at-risk youth
Defended Nov. 28, 2007

Wendy Carr

Canada's bilingualism ideal: A case study of intensive French in British Columbia.
Defended April 2, 2007.

Gwen Point
Drop out rate for Aboriginal students is decreasing. Why? How have support services helped students? Links with language and culture?

Sample Comp Questions