EdD Harbour Centre Cohort (started Summer 2004)

The doctoral program in Educational Leadership at Simon Fraser University is designed for current and future educational leaders working or planning to work in various organizational settings, but primarily schools, colleges, universities, and community services. It culminates in a degree of the highest standard in the profession of education.   The program offers a doctoral experience that extends well beyond a classic administrative/organizational focus. In working with peers and professors to construct rich frameworks for understanding and enacting leadership, students grapple with those aspects of educational leadership (e.g., curriculum, assessment, pedagogy, policy, fiscal and political change, multiculturalism, diversity, etc.) that today’s changing world demands. In so doing, philosophy, socio-cultural-political and multicultural perspectives, and contemporary technological considerations are explored. These are combined with in-depth investigations of up-to-date research, state-of-the-art practices, and grounded theory. The result we achieve forges knowledge with action. We aim for students to study the practice of leadership within the context of education policy and curriculum so that they can understand, critique, and reframe the contemporary and emerging challenges and dilemmas facing Canadian education.

First course - July 2004
Last course - Nov. 2005

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